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Unlock the power of accurate and reliable translations with Dilmen Translation Services, the leading provider of certified document translations. Whether you need to translate marriage certificates, birth certificates, academic certificates, contracts, or company incorporation documents, we have the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results.

At Dilmen, we understand that the certification process can be overwhelming. That's why we have assembled a dedicated team of experts who specialize in organizing certified, sworn, notarized, and even legalized (Apostille) official translations on a daily basis. We take the complexity out of the equation, ensuring that your translated documents meet all necessary legal requirements.

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An apostille, also known as an attestation, is a system of officially certifying the authenticity of the signature and seal on an official document. October 5, 1961 The Hague Convention on the Abolition of the Obligation to Certify Foreign Public Documents is valid in all countries party to the Convention. As Dilmen Translation, we translate your documents into the relevant language, and upon your request, we also perform notarization and apostille approval procedures on your behalf and present the documents ready for you.

Our team of specialized translators is equipped to translate official documents with precision and skill. We translate a wide range of documents required for the international arena, including company incorporation documents, articles of association, trade registry documents or company activity documents. When it comes to submitting documents to trade registries abroad, we know that each country has its own specific requirements. We offer notarization services, apostille approval, governor's office approval, consular approval or Ministry of Foreign Affairs approval, giving you every opportunity to use your documents abroad.

A Death Certificate is a document that contains information about the death of a person and is issued to be given to national and foreign authorities. The Death Certificate is prepared to include information such as the nationality, educational status, residence address, etc. of the deceased person, as well as the manner of death, cause of death, etc. Dilmen has the necessary knowledge and experience to translate the document accurately and ensure that the document is accepted by the requesting authorities or organizations.

Notarized Diploma Translation is an important document that has international validity and is accepted by official institutions. As Dilmen Translation Services, we are aware of the accuracy and care required in translating these documents. Our team of expert translators helps you to prepare your degrees, diplomas, transcripts or other educational certificates accurately and completely for both academic and professional use.

Our embassy certified translation services cater to your specific needs. From birth certificates and passports to marriage certificates, marriage licenses, driver's licenses and articles of association, our sworn translators professionally translate all kinds of documents that consulates and embassies may request. Our utmost attention to detail guarantees that our translations pass even the most careful scrutiny without any problems.

As Dilmen Tercume, we have extensive expertise in the translation of lease agreements. From rental agreements for residence applications for foreign nationals to commercial leasing agreements, from short-term lease agreements to assignment agreements, our expert team guarantees the accurate translation of sensitive clauses in the field of leasing. We are with you every step of the way in the field of leasing with both written and notarized translation services.

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